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Scaling up an established site safety supplier

Site Safety Ltd is a specialist supplier of traffic management, site welfare, and construction site protective gear and equipment. The company services construction companies, civil engineering firms, and local authorities around Dorset and the South Coast

Founded in 1995 in Wimborne, Dorset, the company has continued to grow to hold an annual revenue approaching £3m. The company also operates its own fleet of delivery vehicles, which enables a fast and efficient delivery service of all orders.

After 26 years of being in business together, the original two owners of Site Safety were looking into a retirement sale of the company. They could see the benefits of the company becoming part of a larger group, creating opportunities for better buying and a wider customer reach. I was introduced to the board in 2020 as a potential investor, to explore exit options and to build on their hard-earned success, and grow the business even further.

Business objectives

My approach

In early 2021, the Directors of Site Safety were introduced to Stephen through a private investor who was aware they were planning an exit strategy that would eventually lead to their retirement.

Core to the agreement was a promise to safeguard the reputation and identity of the company at all costs. Stephen assured us that would be the case along with security for our staff members, which was another major factor to the success of the sale.

Since the sale was finalised in August 2021, Site Safety has benefited from the investment and experience of being part of a larger group, whilst maintaining its reputation as a trusted local company.

If the same situation were to arise again, we wouldn’t hesitate to approach Stephen to benefit from his advice and expertise.

Mark Lutwyche,
Site Safety Ltd